Saturday, 12 February 2011


My cousin brother is older than me don't know how many years ,
he married for at least 7 years ago ,
i'm not so sure about that.
but the thing i;m sure is he married on 16th of September,
it's my birthday !!!
so i remember it !!!
He is not a very good man,
sorry to say it,
because he like to drink beer,
i think everyday he have to drink it...
but he has a good wife,
she tend to teach her kids well,
i don't know whether she has cane her children or not,
but i know she will tell her children why can or why can't do so,
once her children did something wrong,
she will tell them reason or may be scold privately.
Her children is naughty,
but she tend to control them.
My cousin brother has 4 children, 4 handsome n pretty children.
 This is the eldest one,Carrie,嘉仪。she is quite clever i think.Her English is good because she watch English language cartoon.If she keep on improving,her English must be very well.Hope she can.
 This is the only son,嘉乐。He is so cute .i remember one time when went to his house,i ask him:"你有没有顽皮?" then next few time i went to his house again,he asked me back the question.*one year went there 1 or 2 or 3 times one*he is so cute,but is naughty as well.
 This is 2nd daughter,Chloe,嘉惠。she is so so so cute !!!she is 16 months only.Her eyes can kill many boys when she grow up.Why i say this?because her mom cut her eyebrows when she born not enough 1 month,then her eyebrows now is very long .look her eyes very big n attractive.
Below is the video i took during CNY this year ,my brother n dad took photos of Chloe,she will standing well when the flash light is on,after the flash light is off.

This is the new born baby,3 months only,Cathy,嘉缘。She is too small,because she stay in her mom uterus  for 7 months only,they said she like a kitchen when she first born.She is so small for me now although 3 months already,look her leg is so small,i'm not dare to carry her.

They are cute ,pretty n handsome ,
the biggest reason i think is they have snowy n fairy skin like their mummy.
I like 4 of them so much ...

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