Monday, 21 February 2011

Congratulation to him

Today is the important day for form 6 students,
why ?
because STPM result released,
it would be the very very important moment for him in his life.
Actually i don't know about this,
i need to thanks Ming Heng for telling me ,
n of course told me his result too.
thanks ...
before that he always not satisfy with his result,
but today ,
i think he will satisfy as he put a lot of efforts to get this flying colours,
that is full As..
i'm not sure that is it CGPA 4.0,
i just know that is full As..
congratulation to my ex...
i sent you a message,
but didn't get your reply,
nothing !!! just let it be..
just want to wish u..
hope you have a bright future...

not going to let u know about my blog,
not going to tell u my thought,
not going to close back with you ,
just want to be your normal friend...

one again..congratulation to u...

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