Thursday, 24 February 2011

"New Camera"

Finally,i got my "new camera"
this camera is small in size,cute,creative,
it can't capture any picture...
what i'm talking about ???
 let's see 

it just an accessories,
i bought it in campus,
if not mistaken is photography society sold one,
it's cute,
so it attracted me ,
it cost RM 6 ,
erm...can consider expensive,
but nevermind ...
actually i don't like to buy those thing,
because i will not using it like hang on my handphone ..
but it is too cute..

today is Thursday,
now i'm in Ipoh,because no class tomorrow ,
just now 8 something around 9pm i reached home,
today took bus back from Kampar with Gia Wei,
first time took bus with her n first time took bus in Kampar ...
it quite a good experience,
but is quite dangerous if no people accompany because too late  n not much people took bus.

allow myself to take a rest tonight not to studying although has 3 tests on next week,
but i'm too tired ,need to sleep already...
wish myself good luck in the tests n have a sweet dream..

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