Saturday, 22 January 2011

New look ???

my new look ???

Big different compare to i wear spec ??
why some of my friends can't recognized me...
what a big joke for me..><
i feel funny ..
majority are my UTAR friends,
may be they didn't see other look of me before..
because after i cut my hair become shorter than before fringe also shorter than before,
they said i had a big different ..=.="
but for my Poi Lam friends,
they said no changes..

this time,
without spec,
they can't recognize me...
but happy that they praised me..hehe
thanks all who praised me..

then how about my reader feel ???
big different ???
can recognize me ???
any comment ???


  1. not much diff compare with your photos ,
    but might not be able to confirm that are you at the 1st sight or look from far a bit ...


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