Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Just now i search the Jim Fashion's webpage(Jim Fashion's shop is in Kampar,some where near to my hostel),
i saw a special bag,
i fall in love to it after see it.
Oh My Gosh,
should i buy it ??? it...
which colour is nicer ???
Beige or camel brown ?
any suggestion ?

This bag nice ???
should i buy ???
let me think first...
i really like this bag..
but still have to see the bag first,
can't make decision before that...
let me think n think..=)
CNY is at the corner,
don't have a small bag to fit with my dress...
if possible,
i would like to buy a small bag before CNY.
although this bag not consider as small,
erm..medium ?
is smaller than the bag i having now.

Conclusion ???
think first...


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