Tuesday, 14 December 2010

STOP !!!

Haiz...so many times already...
i really don't like u do that,
i think many girls will mind it..
a BOY do something bad on GIRL,
for example:hit,pinch...
i don't know what other girls will think if a boy do that on them,
but for ME,
i totally dislike it,
if just play ,i'm okay,
don't always,
but for u "xxx Wxx LxxN" ,
i think that u are because of retaliation,
u do this when we walked back after dinner just now,
n quite many people saw it,
u don't feel shy n sorry ???
i told u that so many boys seeing on u when u do that,
but u say nevermind...
WTH...u r a boy..
come on,
r u crazy ?
feel shy on u...
u seem happy to do that ?
everytime i also forgive u,
because u r my friend,housemate,
yes...no point that i need to angry because of those small things,
but ..please..
behave yourself...
u r the boy i feel that u r super not gentlemen,
no because of this matter only,
n many others...
sometime u have show your gentlemen
,but normally NO...
i'm not angry,
just feel very don't like it...
do what a boy should do,
don't do what a boy should not do...
sometime i really like the moment after u think that i angry or i really angry on u,
because u will not talk with me,"kacau" me,hit me,sleep on my bed..

Please lah..STOP do that again to me n also others...
no matter girl or boy,
i know that u do that to Gia Wei,Ar Lin n even Susu..
STOP !!!
i think that u do that to those who r close with,
but please no to overdo it...

What u will think if a boy do that on u ???
tell me truly,my visitor..


  1. xiao wen ! calm ~~ x) is okays ~

  2. not okay lah...too many times...sometime really beh tahan..


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