Tuesday, 13 May 2014

STG Tea House Cafe @ Ipoh

The most stressful, busy, tough semester had ended after so long, i'm officially free now. Waiting for the result out, i saw many friends went oversea for graduation trip. I hope i can go oversea also but...no, local is more than enough now. Seldom went out for tea with friends this semester due to the busy life but still there is 3-5 times. Here is one of the place i went before final exam but after all assignments, midterm tests, presentations and Final Year Project.

This cafe has been opened quite some time, saw many friends post photos, checked-in here, but i never been there before. No doubt that this is a nice and comfortable place to dine in.
Pan Grilled Chicken with black pepper sauce, RM22.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich, RM20.

Hot Lemon Sabah Tea, RM7.
We were the first customers of the day. *feeling proud, hahaha*

STG Tea House is signature with their Sabah Tea. This hot lemon sabah tea is very very nice. But not only the tea, their foods are tasty as well. A good place to go but is a bit costly.

Partner of the day.

Stay Turn~
Have a nice day.

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