Thursday, 22 May 2014

Burger Camp @ Ipoh

No Burger Lab in Ipoh but want to try something similar ? Burger Camp is your choice ! It located in Greentown, Ipoh. Beside AmAssurance, opposite of the shop has a big parking space, it is not difficult to find.
Kar Kar is my food partner of the day and also belated birthday celebration for her.
I'm not sure when the promotion will be ended, but i simply got a discount of 10% on the burger by check-in through Foursquare. You can check-in to other social media as well. The discount only available for set meal which u need to pay extra RM5 for the french fries and a can of carbonated drink. They are famous with their beef burger, so if you eat beef u must try it out.

I ordered Chicken Eggalicious, RM13.80 and with 10% discount of RM1.38. It taste nice but one thing i don't like is the sauce because has wasabi i think. I don't eat wasabi usually. A satisfied meal and i can't even finished all the french fries.

Beef Eggalicious.

Both set of chicken and beef eggalicious cost RM34.85.

Quite many people there and their burger make me feel like going back also.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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