Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mekong Delta @ Vietnam (1)

This week is not a good week for me because i fall sick, but luckily i feel much more better now so that i can continue to blog about my travel experience. This is 3rd post of my Vietnam trip. I bet many of you heard of Mekong Delta before because it appear in our history textbook, unless you never study for it :p 
The journey from Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta took around 1-2 hours by bus. 

As i mentioned in the 1st post that we found a travel agency to buy their package so that they bring us to the place we want. The package to Mekong Delta cost USD10 each person and it included the transport fees such as bus and boats and also included lunch. Besides that, they will pick us up at your hotel, this is so convenient.

They will let us have a short rest on the half way to our destination
Hammock is so popular in Vietnam.

This was the bus we traveled to Mekong Delta.


Mekong Delta.
We took boat to one of the island.

No doubt, the water is just like what i said before, is teh tarik, not the taste but the color.

Spot the little girl standing a side and intended to get money from tourists. As my brother said,don't give them money or else there will be more and more people come out to get money from you once they see you give money once.

First place we visited is the "bee farm", but in fact we just saw a box of bees there. May be there is hidden bee farm ?
The brave guy used his hand to get the fresh honey that with don't know how many thousand of bees on it . Omg !

The local served us with this. I think we paid for it which included in the package. Each of us can drink a cup of honey with lime and some snacks.

Pollen is available for sell there.

Royal Jelly too.

The small bottle is the royal jelly and the big bottle is honey. The honey is tasty and it really natural honey.

My Baba very scare of snack in fact but after he saw some other tourists tried and he wanted to try as well. Good job Baba.

Some traditional handmade stuffs selling there.

We saw this unique tree when on the way to another destination.

2nd destination. We got the chance to take sampan.

The tourist guide kept remind us that not to put our hand outside of the sampan area or else our hand will get hurt by other sampans because the river is so small and it is so busy on the river.

The souvenir i bought at the post office the day before and coincidentally that the picture is match with the scene. 

We took 3 different types of boat / sampan on that day. 
Guess where we were going to after we changed to another boat.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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