Sunday, 12 May 2013

Penang 1 day trip ~ Part 1

Had a trip to Penang on 13th April before final exam and also the week after i went KL . First time having trip with society members (allowed non-member also) of UTAR. This trip was organized by Art & Craft Society,the fees was only RM25 included entrance fee,breakfast(bread & mineral water) and bus fee. Super cheap right ? Woke up at around 4am that day i believe some of you still awake at that time. hahaha
First destination.

I think many of you know this place,Chew Jetty (姓周桥).

Wall painting in progress.
There is one similar wall painting being destroyed by people.

Many of you know this place may be because of this wall painting,unluckily that it destroyed by the nature.

4 of us. Xiao Tung,Cheng Yee and Emilia.

Besides that wall painting, Chew Jetty is so famous because this place is in one of the scene of local movie,Ice Kacang Puppy Love (初恋红豆冰) by Aniu(阿牛).

Love the colorful.

Souvenirs are selling there.

Next destination, Yahong Art Gallery @ Batu Ferringhi .
We came here because this trip was organized by Art & Craft Society so that we went to some places related to art.
Yahong Art Gallery's website :

Look familiar ? Who watched CZ12(十二生肖) by Jacky Chan (成龙) & TVB's drama, The Bitter Bitten (人生马戏团) will familiar with these Zodiac statue. 

Suppose we went to a Western Food restaurant,however it was closed so that we simply had lunch at 113 Fettes restaurant. 

We then went to Straight Quey which was not in our schedule because it near to the place we took our lunch. Straight Quey is a nice place ! Searched about Straight Quey and found that the night view is more fantastic !

The well known Snoopy theme cafe ! We went there to take some photos outside the cafe instead of have our meals there. The workers there might hate us ! hahaha

That's all for the first post of the Penang trip,will continue again on next post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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