Saturday, 11 May 2013

Casino before 21st !

Went KL to meet up with 5th uncle and aunt who came back from Australia on 5th April (i know i should update it long time ago but EXAM stop me to do that !!)
My cutest niece..She is so so so clever.

They bring so much joy to us everytime we meet them.

On 6th of April, we went to Genting for an one day trip.

The weather is not too cool when we just reached but it was so cool after we walked out from casino.

 I still have 5 months to be officially 21 years old, i still illegal to go in the casino. I'm the youngest and they asked me to act normal and go in to the casino (i wish to go in as well) so once we reached,we went to First World's casino,the guard stopped my uncle because he got a backpack, then after a discussion, my 2nd brother helped my uncle to take the backpack and others just follow mu uncle to go in. The guard stopped me may be i got a bit nervous and i not dare to stare at the guard. MISSION FAILED ! So that i just walked around with my 2nd brother and his gf. There was a magic show who the magician was from other country. After we had lunch and we went to Genting's casino. I would like to try again since i know i look mature than my age,suppose i can success. I acted more steady this time and I WAS IN !! Wow...what a great experience. Walked around the casino with my parents and relatives. It was my 1st time ever ! Great ! I went casino illegally before 21st. But i never try to play anything inside,never use any cent there.
With my 5th aunt.

 All of us that day.

Brothers and me.

Went Genting few times before but never went here.

With my 2nd brother and his gf.

Lovely Mami and Baba.

My 2nd aunt,Mami and my 5th uncle.

 My stupid 3rd brother.

3rd brother's gf and eldest brother's gf.

Went back home and prepared for the gathering dinner with other relatives.
A great day we had.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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