Saturday, 2 February 2013

Folie-folie' Cafe & Grill @ Ipoh

As i mentioned on previous post,i might update blog on today and so here i am. Went out to have birthday celebration for Louis aka ex-colleague.   
 Came this place for the 2nd time. The 1st time i went there already 2 years++ before.

 Folie-folie' Cafe & Grill 's FB :

It is a nice place,i like this place so much.

There was a company anniversary dinner when we reached. All the employees are so active and they were so enjoy in it, what a joyful company !

 When it was around 11pm.

 Love Passion, RM7.30.

 Lemon Breeze, RM6.30.

My Double Happiness, 双喜临门, RM6.90.

Jasmine Fairy,茉莉仙子, RM6.90.

Unable to differentiate both Double Happiness and Jasmine Fairy because both taste the same ! 

 Cheese Baked Mussel, RM10.50.

 Club Sandwiches,RM10.30.

 Grilled Chicken Steak,RM15.80.

The birthday boy.

Opps..what is this ??
It wanna eat sandwiches also ??

 Girls in the toilet..
The normal thing or can say is a MUST-DO thing inside the toilet. hahaha

 Another macarons "cake".
I said is ANOTHER because the FIRST is here.

 Happy birthday !

5 of us.
Love the moment with them because there must full of laughter. 
Thanks Yan for this ribbon clip which not bought because of birthday or any occasion or souvenir from a trip but just a random gift which bought from a random outing.

Happy birthday to Louis again !

Stay turn for the next post.
Have a nice day.

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