Thursday, 3 January 2013

KL Trip 2012 ~ 1

I'm not going KL once a year but at least one per year because i must go KL during CNY and i almost went KL each year at the end of the year to hunt for new cloths. Plan changed again and again and finally my Mami went KL with me for 4D3N started on 23th December. We went KL by train at 9.30am and we reached Kepong at 11.30am. My eldest brother and his gf already there waiting for us.
 First time i went KL with only mami and without brothers or baba and the first time i took train with mami.

Received the only Christmas gift this year from eldest brother once reached his house. This is his first time to gave me Christmas gift also if not mistaken. So happy when received it. It a milk chocolate,he don't know i prefer dark chocolate but it's nevermind, i still happy because at least he gave me the gift. *LOVE*

Went for lunch after we took a short rest.

Mami is pan mee lover so brother decided to bring us to eat pan mee at a famous restaurant nearby.
I'm not the only one who ate these whole large clay pot of pan mee but 4 of us shared it.

Went to Berjaya Times Square after lunch.Brother used GPS to go there as he seldom go over that area.

I saw u !! KLCC

Brother used the wrong road so we took much longer time to reached there.
Spotted angels on top.

Saw many friends posted many photos at here and wonder where were they actually before i came here. 

Brother with Miki.

Took some photos before shopping.
Can't believe that i bought only 4 cloths at there and also the whole trip ! Friends envy me when they heard that i can go KL for 4 days but that's nothing need to envy as i only bought 4 cloths !!! 

Took a rest at Meet Fresh after shopping. It's my first time to try Meet Fresh but actually we wanted to eat Hui Lau Shan but every where were full of people and seats are just too limited so we gave up Hui Lau Shan and went to Meet Fresh. Luckily we just wait for a while.

Mami and me shared this.
Taro+pearls+red bean.
Taro+pearl+peanut+red bean.
Seriously and honestly, Meet Fresh is much nicer than Blackall.

Actually i want to shop one more time after Meet Fresh but my brother said we were rushing our of time as we have to go Klang for bak kut teh and I-City so we left after that and my brother didn't bring me to Times Square again during the whole trip, which means that i only bought 4 cloths !!! ONLY FOUR !!! Totally not satisfied.

The outlook of Times Square just not as elegant as Pavilion and others shopping complex however i like to go there as the cloth selling there are very cheap. I'm not branded addict,i don't need H&M,Topshop,and so on,that's why i prefer to shop at Times Square.

Went to aunt's house on the second day.(Blog about I-city on next post)
Cathy baby girl look so damn cute with this hairstyle.
Miki got to hug her due to she got the powerful weapon -> sweets and biscuit.
Lovely smile.

First met this baby girl.The only thing i can gave her play and she curious on was my long hair.

We had our lunch at Wong Kok @ Brem Mall.
8 adults and 10 kids,We were like kindergarten teachers brought kids to have lunch.Kids are cute and they are monster too.
Happy time with relatives.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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