Saturday, 5 January 2013

Kl Trip ~ 2

I mixed day one and day two together on KL Trip part one and two. Here i continue with day one. Went to Klang after shop at Times Square.
Went to i-City @ Klang after Bak Kut Teh as dinner.

RM10 per entry per vehicle. For those who don't know this place,let me have a brief introduce about this place. I-City, the City of Digital Lights where surrounded by the surreal LED-lighted where rows and rows of colorful tress and creatures such as swans,giraffes, peacocks and so one are artistically arranged in the form of an enchanting forest.

That day was a raining day so can't really take as much as photos because the floor was wet and too crowded,can't wait for my turn to take photo under the rain although we got umbrella.

Old Town Kopitiam building has birds lighting too.

Besides those digital lights, there is Outdoor Park Rides, Snowalk, FunWorld, WaterWorld and Trick Art Musuem but all need entrance fees so we just walked around the City of Digital Lights.

So beautiful !

Everyone there are holding camera !

I like these Christmas tree !

Because it's full of RIBBON !! ( Doesn't look nice in this photo but the Christmas tree can be see clearly)

Little Christmas Tree.

For kids.

It's the night of 2nd day aka Christmas eve @ The Curve.

Huge Christmas tree !!

It's so crowded there no matter on the aisle or cafes.

Watched CZ12 for the 2nd second time that night.

It's around 11pm something after the movie and everyone were get ready to the countdown for the Christmas. We didn't countdown together and we back around 12am as my brother know it must be traffic jam after countdown and my Mami tired and want to sleep i think. 

Don't have countdown fot Christmas and New Year this year. Sad but still happy that i with my family .There was a Christmas dinner before we went to Curve and i will blog about it on next post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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