Thursday, 20 September 2012

AEON first time with them

Gia Wei said wanna go AEON with me so long,but we didn't get to have chance since AEON is so far from both of our house. But finally we make it few weeks ago with Ming Heng and Kean Hoe.
 AEON understand well the customers. They put big mirror inside the toilet which easily for us to check our outfit and take photo inside the toilet also,i what i do.

I captured the resit so that i can remember the name of foods that we order,but all are in Chinese,so i will use Chinese as well.Let's see my ordered. 



The below are their ordered.





The Aeon cinema's toilet.

We watched Hantu Gangster by Namewee.

Found this ribbon sunglasses at Padini.
Gosh..i love it so so much.. I'm thinking whether want to bring it back home ? Although it is a bit expensive i think,but i superb love it !

Finally finished my Degree Year 2 Sem 1 final exam.
Past 2 weeks like 2 years and finally all over,i enjoy my holiday now.Have so much of date this sem break since my birthday had just past so that will have belated birthday celebration.Had 3rd celebration yesterday night must blog about it soon.Blog all by following sequence.
Enjoy holiday.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day. 

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