Thursday, 16 August 2012

UTAR 3rd karaoke competition Final

I updated UTAR 3rd karaoke competition Quarter Final before,so here the FINAL part.
I was menstrual pain that day,i slept all day long. I paid for the ticket and it's already final so i wish and want to go so i ate medicine before going but actually medicine doesn't help much on me may be i used to eat it last time it can't gave me the same effect now but after i chat and enjoyed the performance,i'm ok already.
Luckily that day won't pain until i don't feel like even wake up.

She said she want show her hello kitty,so.....

So i took the tickets..

The MC.
There was many errors that days.Disappointed.

Joel sang Chinese
He unable to get into Top 5 and be the champion but he did a great job,he is the best in our heart.
It just a small competition and just to take as an experience.

The 2 braces girls..

I update it before i sleep,and now finish update,so Good Night everyone.

Stay Turn~
Have a nice day.

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