Monday, 14 May 2012

The Voice

It's 2nd time i sing k in Kampar.Yea~i seldom sing k because i feel that it waste money but seem like many of my friends like sing k.Btw,i'm not always sing k so i just follow them on that night as an entertainment.
It located far from our hostel,no one have car within the friends who went that night but The Voice have transport service,u just need to call to The Voice and tell them what time and how many people then they will have people come to fetch you from your house.

 May be because of my friend complaint about the service(actually just misunderstand) so they gave us a big room.According to them ,they had to sit on the floor last time because the room is too small the they have many people.
 We had 7 people.
We took the package 1 which is RM99 for 1-6 person.It's allow just that normally the room is small if u take the package 1.

3 jag of drink,some snacks,nuggets,hotdogs and also french fries .
We have to pay around RM14 each,it sound worth. Ya ,it is actually,but imagine that you have only 2/3 person or let say u have only one person,but u have to pay RM99...sound crazy right ? Just an example btw.

 Blur blur one.

 Mun Yee.I know i gad many pimples,due to i used the wrong products but i don't know,i keep using it for few months.But now i know it ! Sad.

 Joel have a good voice,he can sing well.

 Lei Chiann.

 We were not enjoy that night due to there were few friends that we not too close with them so we just being so shy in front of them and the mic is so less for us.

Around 1am ++ we went back,surely fetch by the driver of The Voice.
So late for me so i so down just because i super sleepy and i have to woke up at 6am ++ for the 8am class.Not enough sleep @.@

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

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