Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kar & Yee birthday celebration 2012

Been so long i never update my blog,it is because of the final exam,i just don't want to have excuse for me to do other things,i bought some nail art's tools ,due to the exam,i control myself not to use it before i finish my exam,because it takes time to do.
I can't sleep well almost everyday,until my double eyelid also become triple already.@.@ It so suffer that i took more than 1 hour or even 2-3 hours just to fall sleep.Gosh... It's suffer me for 2-3 weeks but now i can enjoy my holiday.It's FINALLY because other friend's can enjoy their holiday few days earlier than me,i'm the last ! Feel so sad that everyone posted on FB that they start holiday but i still have to study.Okay~all over..i'm holiday now~ That's why i'm here to update my blog again.

Hello Kitty spec from Map accessories.
I saw people wore it that day,i not dare to wear it because i know that many people will spot on me if i do so .

Doraemon cake that Lin and me purposely brought it from Kampar.

Went to Rocusa,Ipoh Parade.Never go there before,it's our first time.I like the environment so much.

Doraemon pau bought by Kar.

Soda ice.

Like to drink soda just because the color always attract me.

First time i make it. 100% hand-make by me.

DIY nail art by me also.

Kar bought me a pair of ribbon earrings few weeks before,thanks my dear.

Spot me.

They don't know we bought a cake because we put the cake in the cafe first before we met up with them.

Wish u both dreams come true..

There's a little garden,so nice.

Plan to make it as cover photo in FB but it seem doesn't look nice.
Thanks Lin as my photographer always,she know what i want sometime.heart u :)

oh yea~ i'm the tallest one since i wearing high heels..

Went to Chatime,DeGarden.
Only Kar,Lin and me went there since Yee went to work at night.

Candid shot by me.I like this photo.

My cup of red bean milk tea.

The light i nature light,like it much.

Promise to be an hardworking blogger again since i holiday now i update all the *outdated* posts as soon as possible.

Stay Turn
Have a nice day.

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