Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas celebration

Merry Christmas =)
How u celebrate your Christmas ? Share with me will do ~
I don't have countdown for Christmas ,but have a small celebration.
Honestly,i never celebrate Christmas because i'm not a Christian and my parents never celebrate Christmas also. 
Dating with Gia Wei & Ming Heng .We went to Ipoh Parade because will play a so call Lame Game of us.

There is performance of,drama,dance,sing,and magic also.

There is Santa Claus giving sweets(i think so) to children ,but not us,as we no longer children T__T.

As we planned,we went to Chatime of Greentown to have a try .
My pearl milk tea.

First time i try Chatime.

Honestly,i feel disappointed..

The Lame Game of us is to give half hour each other to buy Christmas gifts for exchange.
This 2 is brought by Ming Heng .

This 2 is brought by me.The paper Santa Claus is fold by me.
If u wanna how to fold just click my previous post.

This 3 is brought by Gia Wei.She brought one for herself too.

Our Christmas gifts.
The first time i received Christmas gifts.
Thanks for the gifts.

The girl is Gia Wei's sister,she join us at Chatime.

The only seat inside the Chatime was sit by us .

Before we left,we took photo first.

Brought many on that day,my purse bloody.
The Hada Labo products got discount,and the Skinlite cleansing tissues buy 1 free 1,i tried,is good for remove those non water make up.

The Sasa promotion.

This 2 i brought from Watsons.
I already brought the cheapest one.The gel eyeliner i tried,not bad,the mascara i still haven't try.

The gifts i received...
It's a wonderful day,but received bad news,is quite sad for that.

By the way,
wish u all Merry Christmas =)

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