Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Baba Birthday Celebration ~ Part 1

It was December,my Baba's birthday fall on December 28th.
Yes,is today !
 But we had a early celebration for him.My Brother came back from Klang and brought us to Yeolde English 扒王,Ipoh east garden.Went there at around 8pm i think,i know is quite late,but my brother work till 7.15pm.Due to that day is Saturday plus it was Christmas eve,a lot of people there.We wait for more than half hour to be seated.
Mami and me.

Before we wait for our meals.
I requested them to take photos.

Eldest brother and his gf.

Baba and eldest brother.

3rd brother and baba.

2nd brother and his gf.

White Christmas tree.

I order Hawaii chicken chop .
Quite nice.

My kiwi juice.

Black pepper chicken chop i think.
My mami one.

It was so cool,whole chicken ! 
It's my eldest brother one.

I didn't take others meals.I just wanna eat,damn hungry that time,eat too late.

Baba and me.
I prepared a card for my him,hope he like it.
May be will post about the card later.

Baba,Happy Birthday to you.Don't want much,i just wish u healthy always.You r the most important man in my life !

(I changed the format of my comment box below,i think it will more easy to comment,so do give me comments always)

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