Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cameron Highland 1 day trip ~ part 2

Here i updated the Part 2.
It another location...
I think majority of visitors will play this when come to this place.

No matter visit to Genting Highland or Cameron Highland,many people will challenge themselves by eat ice-cream ...Me too,but i eat when the weather is not really cold that can make me trembling..

Huge cactus..


candid them...

Colourful ..

Suppose my dad wanna teased me by not capture us but capture those flowers,but i know the angle (many of u know also,because take photos almost everyday right ?),and one auntie who heard our conversation and she laughed at us...=.="

Are u drooling again ?

Another ice-cream with many fresh strawberry...YUMMY~

My brother and daddy teased me again when help me took this photo.

The another location...I wanted to eat fried sweet potatoes of this stall,and i told my mum about it the day before we went to Cameron,luckily i ate it.There was crowded in front of this stall.

Here come the last location we went.

The sunflower is bigger than my face.

My funny brother..

She holding "cameron apple" ,it taste like honeydew ,but honeydew is much more nicer to eat.
First time we see it,and so my dad bought few to try.

My cousin bought some fresh vegetables too,and she let my niece to picked it.

The fruits and vegetables and also strawberry are allow us to pick ourselves..

My brother look like pregnant as my cousin sister...haha

Grapes of Cameron Highland,we picked and try on it (shhhhhh...),and it doesn't taste nice .bad in taste !

That's all for our trip.
We saw one accident when on the way we back,it quite serious and the driver seem stuck inside the car...OMG,god bless him/she.

We bought many many things that day,HAPPY,like Cameron.Do u ?
Going to yumcha with my lovely friends later.Happy!


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