Monday, 1 August 2011


So long that we (housemates) didn't go Tesco together to buy ingredients for dinner ,didn't cook dinner together and eat together already.How long is it ? not sure also. But but but,we cook together AGAIN yesterday,we thing that was different compare to before is that there was only 3 of us went to Tesco,prepared the dinner,and eat it.But we are still happy.We bought some ingredients in Tesco,in the market of Kampar.

Susu cooked cabbage...

Suppose i'm the one who prepare it,but i told him that i'm not in flavour, (normally what i cook is tasteless) ...

This soup was prepared by Susu also.Don't know what it call.

I recook the pork only.

The much right ?

This the thing,we bought in Tesco...

Gia Wei was prepare something for fried.

Spot me!

Is Gia Wei turn...

I not sure how to say in english...Chinese is 鲍鱼菇


Our meals ,look nice right ? 3 persons eat so much,as a result we were so full yet we were happy...
Like this feel so much,don't like that housemates are look like stranger.
Will cook another time later,will post the photos here.
Stay Turn~


  1. thanks...actually the taste is not bad also...but if is cook by me then it will be very bad(may be),but i like to cook,cook something easy to cook.


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