Tuesday, 3 May 2011

1 May 2011

Went to Yuk Choy kindergarten to be helper of spot day with Kar Kar,Yi Lin & Pei Yee...
3 of us except Pei Yee don't know where is the Yuk Choy kindergarten located,but it actually it in the Yuk Choy primary school..

Those are the things need during spot day..

2 little boys practice for performance later..
Present for little girls & boys.

4 of us..

We just ask parents want to play which game with their son/daughter..

Pei Yee ..

Actually i didn't did much thing,the main work i did was be camera girl.

They are so so so cute right ?

Below is the video of the activities on that days..Spot some funny seconds..

Spot ...tweety bag & powerpuff girl bag..

We still young !!! let's study..A B C D E F G...

OUch~2 littles...
"pak tuo"?...

Little cute pretty girl...she just so cute..
But she don't want say "bye bye" to us when she go..LC..haha..may be we scared her..but her brothers were so happy to say "bye bye" to us..


Around 10 something the spot day was ended..then we headed to Ipoh Parade to buy something n also ate..
We went to kopitiam..
First one is for Pei Yee,second is for Yi Lin & last one is for me..due to we had decided went to Ebox & there can eat,so we just eat bread first..

Spot me...i haven't prepared then Yi Lin already took the photo..=.="

2 lessbians ? Oh my gosh...
actually is angel problem XD
Ebox room is just too complex...easily get lost honestly...

After marathon sang for 4 hours there,then we just went to Old Town Kopitiam due to rain heavily,we can't walk to Pizza Hut..
The environment there is nice..

our meals...my one is Jawa mee..don't know is i'm too hungry or not,feel that the Jawa mee very tasty..
wish to eat again....

That's all for my 1st May...
Expecting tomorrow n Thursday & Friday,because can meet with different of friends...
Friends...I miss u all..

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