Saturday, 16 April 2011

Magic Make Up Skill

Would like to share 4 video about one girl's make up process...
feel free to watch all the videos i post...
That is one step really surprised me,that is when she make double eyelid...
she really become a SUPER LENG LUI after make joke...

Finish watch ??? Get some make up tips from her ??? 
Don't try to make up till become another person although become more pretty,
boy will scare by u after remove the make up..XD
simple make up is still ok..

Enjoy it~


  1. thatgirl so leng after make up.. but she made up use almost 1 hour jor lo, and her sound weird weird dei gea XD

  2. ya loh ya loh...her sound...too man already...she can change to become very leng lui..if see her real ,without make up one..yerrr..XD


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