Sunday, 3 October 2010


I think that i'm not a person that easy to sick...
i won't sick although get wet in the rain...
don't know what's going wrong,i fall sick suddenly,
last Tuesday,
as usual i went for class,
it was a long break between 2 classes,
so that i back home ,
after bathed,
i feeling not well suddenly,
felt like getting fever,
but it won't serious,just have some fever,
n i absent for the class in the evening that day...
On the next day,
i felt a bit not feeling well , may be have a bit fever ,
n i was faint,
so i decided not to go to campus again,
n asked Wai Loon fetch me to seek doctor after breakfast,
those r my medicines,
i used RM42 to seek doctor,
it is very very expensive...


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