Friday, 21 June 2013

5 shopping malls in a day

Quite lazy to update my blog recently,not only for update my blog,but lazy to do everything also. :'( This post  
should be update 1 month ago. Exactly 4 weeks from the day i went shopping in KL. 

Due to my Baba want to go KL because of the Machinery Exhibition so that i requested him to bring us along rather than he go himself by bus because i didn't go travel during that sem break,wanna go travel so badly ! We went KL on Friday noon and my dad went the fair on Saturday. I also forgot how everything begun that Soon and i plan to have a meet in KL on Saturday.
I followed my Baba, brother and his GF to PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre) and Soon picked me up at PWTC. We went Berjaya Times Square by LRT. So surprise that not much people using the LRT because i thought i will be standing all the way but in fact that there was seats for us.

Stay in Berjaya Times Square less than 30 minutes and we moved to Sungei Wang. The place i wanted to visit in Sungei Wang is 6th floor HK Station (六楼后座) because saw many bloggers blog about it before.

My tour guide of the day. Thanks him and luckily he was free that day.

Why my body ratio not nice that body is long and legs are short. Want to have long long legs like models. 
This photo taken in the toilet of Fahrenheit. We actually went Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang, Fahrenheit, Lot 10 and Pavilion within 3-5 hours. We didn't really went shop by shop but just went in to those shop that well known and we interested in. 

Went into many shops that i always saw bloggers talk about but i never go before and i quite surprise that H&M and Uniqlo's products are not expensive as i thought but Topshop's product are really expensive.    

Went Pavilion because want to see Minions that in human size where people wearing adult minion constume but too bad timing is wrong ! We stand at upstair while Minion came out and they left while we walking down to the hall. Kinda sad because the next round they came out again was 2 hours later ! So i just get to take photo with these 2 minions. Better than nothing ?
  Can't wait to watch Despicable me 2 in cinema soon !

Did some research about coffee art around Bukit Bintang area and i found Komugi Cafe @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion.

Request to make ribbon coffee art as usual but they say they can't do,i wonder how hard is it to draw a ribbon ? Other cartoons are more difficult right ? As i'm not a Hello Kitty fans so i don't want Hello Kitty coffee art and i requested to have a Mickey Mouse. But the look like Monkey more than Mickey Mouse right ?  
Found that Latte with brown sugar taste much nicer than without adding it. It bring out the aroma of coffee.

Shouldn't request any coffee art . May be they can make a much nicer coffee art if i didn't request to do so ? 

Feel like want to have a cup of coffee now !

Went to so many places that i never been there before ! Satisfy but time was no enough.
Just bought a Subway from Times Square and i had to leave because my brother called me back as they finished shop in the Machinery Exhibition.

Went to Ikea after that since nobody at my aunt house and we didn't have key to go in.  Craved for Ikea's curry puff long time ago and finally i ate it . My second time having this cheap and nice curry puff. It cost RM1 each only.
Can't meet with the human size Minion,but i meet these 2 unknown characters .

The 2 sweethearts . Love them so much although they are quite naughty sometimes.

This little one want to take photos so i ask her to pose.

Went to Jusco on the next day and i was surprise that there is a shop in Tesco for foods tasting and of course it taste about Tesco products. They giving 1 sheet of  evaluating form for us to rate. Each product they are giving 2 types for us to compare. We tried yogurt, red bean ice-cream and crab meat. Their products are good surprisingly.

That's all for my sem break and i back to Kampar.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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