Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Father's Day 2012

Let's update about Father's Day this year.
Eldest brother back to Ipoh purposely just to celebrate Father's Day. But we celebrated it one week earlier. This is the cake that brother brought from KL.Green tea with red bean. I not a fans of green tea,so i not really like the cake..
My beloved Baba ever.
I Love You Forever.(I may not tell him personally but here)

Baba want to eat the cake so badly ? He just staring at the cake.. haha

Well done ! Everyone looking at the camera but this photo missing my 2nd brother.

Ba,wish you dreams come true,i will be your good daughter forever ..

Went to celebrate Father's Day one the actual date with 2 Baba and 2 Mami.

The Kampar outlet..
There were many people and many tables being booked due to that day is the actual date of father's day.But luckily we reached there early and we managed to get seated.

Actually i got 3 Baba and 3 Mami,7 brothers and 1 sister.
Sound crazy ?
No ! As you all,i only have 1 real Baba and 1 real Mami, another 2 Baba and 2 Mami are godfather and godmother. I only have 3 real brothers,so others are my godbrother and sis.

My favorite sour sweet pork.
I think my parents know that and even my godfather remember that ! *happy
But this one doesn't taste good..Disappointed.

The disadvantages on my hp camera.
The color changed under the yellow light.

The vegetable is GREEN in color,but it just look like black color. gosh...

All the dishes that day were just so so,not very delicious.I didn't feel much satisfaction. 
Btw,i feel happy to celebrate Father's Day with 2 Baba and 2 Mami although i'm not the one who pay ..haha
I hope i can celebrate Father's Day and Mother's Day with 3 Baba and 3 Mami one day.

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