Thursday, 2 February 2012

I'm sick

Sorry that i didn't update my blog for so long.
I was busy with event meeting and i'm fever and sore throat since yesterday.
There is a meeting of assignment today,but i couldn't attend because i'm so sick.
I in Ipoh now because there is no more Panadol in my hostel,left only one and i already ate it yesterday night,and there is no one in my hostel,i was alone,no one take care of me so i decided to ask my parent fetch me back Ipoh so that they can take care of me.And very sorry to Angel also,i can't attend the CNY celebration of UTAR this Saturday,wasted RM10 to buy the ticket.

I'm cold and i'm hot >.<
I need to sleep now.

Good nigh and take care also.


  1. take year biscuit make all of us sick xD rest more and drink more water :))

  2. thanks ya...may be the weather is another reason also :(
    u sick also ???
    take good care also :)


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