Saturday, 18 February 2012

CNY 2012 ~ Part 5

As i mentioned on previous post,there was a dinner on that night,so here i update for it.

My brother helped nephew set the same hairstyle as him.

On the way.

All the kids like to take photo.They will give a pose once i say i want take photo of them or they will just ask me help them take photo.

Eldest brother and his gf.

There will have many photos of  him everytime.

Lou Sang is a must for CNY.

Got my favorite sea cucumber. I asked my Mami when she cooked reunion dinner that whether this year got something black in color and like a big worm.But unfortunately that's no! I miss the sea cucumber cooked by my Baba on last year reunion dinner,it's taste so good (my Baba cooking skill is very good) !

The temperature of the room is too low,very cold.

We ate dinner and the baby drank milk also.

Grandma & granddaughter *LOVE*

This little monster like to take photo also.He will give me many pose!

My aunt closed her eyes,if not it will be a very very very nice photo.

3rd brother and his godfather aka my uncle.

Karaoke section is a MUST ! That's the reason why we booked the room.

Singer ! He sing quite well.

Watch it and see whether he can sing well.

Hello brother,u want to sing also ? :D

My aunt sang also. weewitt

Wow,dragon ball hairstyle for this dragon year ? 
My brother make him,but so cute and funny.

My cousin brother aka his daddy helped him set back a nice hairstyle.

See the mommy and daughter. *lovely*

She care,love her child so so so much !

I guess they don't know i captured this photo while they concentrate taking photo there.

Next post will be the last post of CNY.Finally i update all about my CNY and there still got many memorable and interesting post coming soon.Stay turn.

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