Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ipoh Trip ~ Part 1

Hello hello ~ I'm back !
Sorry that i didn't update my blog it was due to i back to Kampar 6 days for preparation of an adventure exhibition.Will blog about it.

Continue of previous post,the 2nd day my relatives.
MY cute niece.
Spot her eyes lashes,long enough right ? Damn like it .

My naughty niece,her eye lashes quite long also.

After we had our breakfast,we then went to Wonderful ice-cream factory which had free ice-cream to public.

Adorable nephew and niece.

We then went to Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang.

My aunt and mami.

He must be very happy because... 

He finished the challenge.He jumped jumped jumped and said :" i win! i win ! i win! "

She finished the challenge also !

Clever and adorable.

Happy family.

Happy !

Nice view.

Unfortunately the boats were "holiday",we can't go to the opposite.

Feed some foods to fishes.

Baba and mami pak tuo.hehe

Will update the last post of the trip later on,because they is so many posts. 

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