Friday, 20 January 2012

CNY manicure & pedicure

Went to Ipoh Parade with Gia Wei yesterday for manicure.Went to Vikki's working place to find her for manicure.We make appointment 1/2 weeks before that.

There is CNY decoration everywhere but still i do not feel the CNY feel as much as before,how come ?

Me and Gia Wei rest in front of Why Why book shop after manicure and wait for Kar Kar and Pei Yee as they went to KBox yesterday.We just to have a meet as we were in the same building.

My manicure.
First time i did manicure outside,Gia Wei too.

Luckily we make an appointment ,as there were 10++ walked in customer within 2 hours asked for manicure and pedicure but the time had fully booked so they forced to leave.

My manicure cost RM28.

Red + bling bling + polka dots + ribbon = BIG BIG LOVE ! 

Due to i unable to make the ribbon myself,and what for i manicure the pattern that i can make by myself,waste money right ? So i decided to do the ribbon that i unable to make my myself unless i got the tools.

My favorite RIBBON,is it nice ? 
Satisfy with my manicure.

Gia Wei.

Red + bling bling + polka dots + ribbon too !

Gia Wei's manicure cost RM35.

Learned some technique,so i can do it myself next time ^^

CNY = RED = "ONG"  :D

These are the stickers that my cousin sister gave me.

So i used it for mu legs.

Pedicure by myself.

Red color also !

My manicure + pedicure !

Bought 5 pairs of earrings yesterday.
5 for RM10.

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