Monday, 3 October 2011

Outing day

I felt very tired after went out for whole day with friend in the afternoon, reached home at around 7pm. Was   dated with my "sifu" ,Ah Loon and my dear friend Hui Xin to go pasar malam together since we didn't meet each other for some time.But i planned to cancel it because i was tired and transport problem. But Ah Loon reached pasar malam and he said he will fetch me so i "force" to go.

After we walked around pasar malam,then we headed to Station 1 cafe of First Garden.

My lovely friend Hui Xin.

Didn't regret to go,because had nice chat with both of them.

Spaghetti ordered by Ah Loon.He said it taste bad...haha

Longan for Ah Loon.

Yes Tea for Hui Xin.

Kiwi juice for me.

Didn't bring my camera because i thought we only go pasar malam and i wore austerity as what Ah Loon said is like pyjamas...

I always enjoy to listen the songs.NICE.
We request her to sing "煎熬" from 李佳薇,this song is really tough, but unfortunately that my mummy called me back at 11pm,suppose we want to wait till she sing the song ,but they need a break before continue,so we just missed it.ARGGGGGGG,i kept nagging that we must go early next time ! haha

Credited by Hui Xin. 
The moment with them always happy moment.Appreciate.

I changed my blog design.Give me some comment..=)


  1. great photos! the food looks amazing! i'm hungry now
    check out my blog too if ud like
    xoxo, ET

  2. hehe..thanks ya..visited your blog,very nice...always welcome to my blog =)


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