Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Belated birthday celebration

Remember that i said i SUPER SAD on previous post ? But i have to tell that i am happy now ! First because of "them" ,second is because i finished my final exam ! I having 3 weeks++ of sem break now.woohoooo

Back to the topic...

Hello Kitty cake ^^
I like it,it so cute right ?

 Gia Wei
Them that i mentioned above is Gia Wei,Susu,Felix and 振在...

Gia Wei and Susu back to Kampar because of started new sem on Monday.Gia Wei's mom cook porridge to let her brought yo Kampar as our dinner.So when 3 of us(Gia Wei,Susu and me) having our dinner,Felix and 振在came and holding a cake and they sang birthday song also.haha...
But actually i sensed something before that because of Felix ! haha...because i chat with him on FB,the conversation was quite long but the main sentence that i can sensed is about "u remember take it from me later". What i can think is "huh ? later u will come my house?" but i didn't ask him.But what i think just based on my conjecture so i didn't think any future..what i can't guess is that they had dinner together with us..haha

Thanks both of my new friends...

 Sorry kitty,i have to cut u and eat u ...haha

They said this photo is quite nice,but i don't think so =( 
those photos above showing my fierce face...i don't like at all...i think need to smile like before by ignore the ugly braces.
Thanks u all for cheer me up and make my day...i must remember u all


  1. hehe....welcome my dear...actually you can direct call cincai need type chinese so ma fan =) muack..

  2. haha...i also think of type his english name but don't know how to spell his name XD so just type chinese XD muackssssssss


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