Saturday, 6 August 2011

Girls look at here !

Young, confident and empowered – today’s young women are more well-informed than ever before, but feminine care and hygiene is one area where knowledge is still lacking. Most gals treat it as a taboo subject but in this case, “out of sight, out of mind” really doesn’t apply!

For everyday freshness any time of the month, Kotex pantiliners come in different shapes and contours to fit you and whichever style of underwear you fancy. You can also use them on light flow days when you have a light discharge.
  1. Improved absorbent core for drier and cleaner feeling.
  2. New soft-touch cottony cover with a softer feel that prevents irritation.
  3. Thinner ends and raised centre for better fit and comfort.
  4. New double all-around channels prevent bunching and keep it in place.
Stay fresh and healthy with the first ever liner with proven V-Zone health benefit. 

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Kotex Fresh® Pantiliners are available in the following ranges:

Kotex<sup>®</sup> Soft & Smooth
Kotex Fresh® Regular (Unscented) – Use daily to absorb perspiration and discharge
  • Regular Unscented Liners 20s
  • Regular Unscented Liners 40s
Kotex<sup>®</sup> Soft & Smooth
Kotex Fresh® Regular (Scented) – Helps to control odor with light green tea fragrance
  • Regular Scented Liners 20s
  • Regular Scented Liners 40s
Kotex<sup>®</sup> Soft & Smooth
Kotex Fresh® Longer & Wider – Longer (17cm) & wider than regular liners; suitable for light flow days
  • Regular Scented Liners 16s
  • Regular Scented Liners 32s
Kotex<sup>®</sup> Soft & Smooth
Kotex Fresh® 100% Cotton Cover – Helps reduce irritation for sensitive skin
  • Regular Unscented Liners 16s
Kotex<sup>®</sup> Soft & Smooth
Kotex Fresh® Ultrathin – Ultra thin layer that provides discreet protection
  • Regular Unscented Liners 40s

Choose the one according to your need ... It can buy at anywhere...
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