Saturday, 9 July 2011

Only Kar & Me

Yesterday i followed Gia Wei back to Ipoh after Gia Wei's class ended. She fetch me to Ipoh Parade to meet with my dear,Kar Kar.Thanks Gia Wei...=) Chatted for almost journey from Kampar to Ipoh,quite nice. 
While waiting Gia Wei so i just took photos...

Around 1pm i reached Ipoh Parade,but Kar Kar still haven't reach there yet,so i just walked around alone.
Yuk Choy Suwa students were setting up there because they will have an exhibition of their art...

Around 2pm Kar Kar only reached Ipoh Parade and we straight away went to have our lunch.

Took photo by using webcam..I think she will kill me because i post her ugly photos to here.

Both of us order chocolate ice..

Kar Kar really has a big-appetites..She ordered half boil eggs with toasts...

And also Har Mee...

This is mine...vegetable herbal soup mee.Not really nice and too much for me,i can't finished it...wasted.

I off my laptop and we used hp to took photos.

ME and my "turtle shell"...I shopped like this yesterday...

My legs were cramps for 2 times may be because of my shoes and i walked so long,so we sat down for rest.I saw Andrew Fong(a blogger that i concern) with his mum and his sister.I was happy because first time i met blogger that i know(although he don't know who am i).

I planned to buy Hada Labo products actually,but i kept on convinced by a Bio-essence saleperson and finally i bought Bio-essence.2 bottle only RM32.30...Cheap right ? Because it has promotion.But i hope it really effective although it cheap.I really hope that i have good skin condition.I like the toner's different compare with other products that i used before. 

A BIG mirror in FOS,so...TOOK PHOTOS..haha.
I saw some mickey mouse T-shirt in FOS,is quite nice i think,but i didn't buy...i want !
And i also regretted why i don't buy the ribbon's ring that i saw yesterday...REGRET...I WANT !!!

After yesterday,i don't know when i can meet with Kar Kar already..For sure i will miss her much..

Till then...=)


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