Saturday, 9 April 2011

Capture by her,Edit by me

Today i would like to introduce/share the view of my campus,UTAR  library..
Why suddenly want to share about it ? Any special ?
It is due to my dear friend, Xiao Tung captured it one day,she let me see last few days,so that i have an idea of help her to share those photos.

* The photo quality is not good because using hand phone to capture and it's size is small,so that i edited it by enlarge the size,make some effects on it too *

Very obverse that it's BLUR... =(  


This photo is too blur ,but it nicer after make an effect...

That's all for this post ? Almost...because nothing to add in...
UTAR has very very very good views...Like the views of UTAR...Would like to have photo shooting in UTAR if i have this chance.

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