Thursday, 3 March 2011


Took at UTAR library when doing revision during break time...

Week 7 of semester 3,
is an exhausted week for majority of UTARians ?
may be...
because we having 3 mid-term tests on the same week,
somemore  is continuously 3 days..
it's first time,
before is seperate 2 subjects to 2 days not continuous ,
everyday test till 7.30pm...
back home bath n ate dinner then have to study again,
those 3 subjects also need to memories ,
my "hard disk" memory full n service down...
Microeconomic & macroeconomic,Marketing , Effective communication skill,
this is what i can describe.
just finish the last paper this evening,
what i want to do is rest for a while,
start to continue assignment tomorrow,
n also prepare math test on next week n also presentation .
i know my micro & macro test i will get a bad result,
i hope another subjects can give me some hope.
i don't want fail,
i don't want retake,
because it waist money n time n may make my parents disappointed. 
i don't want.
i have change the way i study,
because the way i used on last sem is not work,
i get a bad result,
i hope the method i using now is better.

The sunset of Kampar that i took in KTAR when i walk back from campus today after the test...
it's beautiful ( my phone camera is not that good )

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