Sunday, 19 September 2010

My sweet 18th birthday

                                                    I had i sweet 18th birthday.. 
we had our breakfast together.
our destination is Lost World of Tambun.
Susu n Gia Wei queued up to buy ticket
RM 38 per person.

i'm buried by them because i birthday that day..=.="

but happy

like this 2 photo..=)

is turn to Susu..haha

Poh Yee,Hui Xin n Jia Lun was ordered a small piece of cake (i didn't know about it) n the singers in Station 1 cafe sang birthday song to me ..i thought we just yum cha because something happened n no celebration for my birthday,thanks.. it was a great surprise to me..i have a sweet 18th birthday..thanks my dear friends...

they r my ex-working's friends
i thought that i no cake to eat on this year birthday,luckily i had ate a small piece of small,that's more than enough,thanks u all.
thanks 2 of them for sang birthday song to me...

Thanks all of them who accompany me on my Birthday,my family n my friends..thanks u u all n also thanks the one who gave me birthday's wish.n thanks for the presants n also the surprise.THANKS
Wish dream come true.


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